Moritz Carstens

Born October 1, 1987 in Hamburg.

October 2012
Admission for the "Hochschule für bildende Künste - Hamburg" (University of fine Arts - Hamburg - Germany HFBK) for the Bachelor of Fine Arts at the design department.

Februar - März 2012
Internship at Peter Schmidt (Atelier)

Since 2012 Freelance graphic designer

October 2011
Graduation in  ''Communication Design Studies'' at the "Hamburger Technischen Kunstschule" (Technical school of Arts - Hamburg - htk)

July 2008
Abitur (German general qualification for university entrance) with 5 years of bilingual classes ( history, geography)  in French.

Moritz Carstens

Tel. +49 176 32 38 61 36 (Germany)

Tax number: 43 037 02194 

Account Number: 1291457396
Bank code: 200 505 50

IBAN: DE03 2005 0550 1291 4573 96

Moritz Carstens

• Graphic design 

+49 176 32 38 61 36

Client: NYPC

New York Popcorn is a German company, which develops premium popcorn. 

To develop an aggregate concept, my team did not only take over creative duties but also technical responsibilities. 360° support. From the development of a proper company name to the design of a company logo. CI, design and even food fotography. Everything in one hand.


Client: Kirchentag
Agency: Peter Schmidt

This campaign for the „34. Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag“ (German Protestant Church Day), which will take place in May 2013 in Hamburg, has been developed during my internship at Peter Schmidt Agency. By designing and transferring the campaign icon and campaign theme, I was able to help the agency to win a pitch against five of the most important agencies
in germany.

Deutscher evangelischer Kirchentag

Client: Timo Wilks

I was responsible for the design of this card game.

It has been developed to communicate the functions and gadgets of smartphone apps in an easy and creative way.

Timo Wilks

Client: Telekom
Agency: Den Mutigen gehört die Welt

This is a point-of-sale display animation which I co-developed, designed and technically executed for the shops of the German Telekom.

Deutsche Telekom

Client: DCM-Management

„Face and More‘‘ is a lifestyle and dentistry magazine from Rostock / Germany.  For the relaunch of this format, I was responsible for the development and design  of the issue and the website.

Face and More

Agency: Timo Wilks

An infographic about the topic
„Media User Groups“, which was created for the internal use. is the website of Stern Magazine, a well-known weekly news magazine in Germany.

Client: Musicload
Agency: Den Mutigen gehört die Welt

For the online music provider "Musicload" I developed the concept and supported the technical conversion of some flash banners in 5 standard formats (skyscrapper, wallpaper etc.) Two of them you can see here.


Conzept #1: Dr. Bein

Bannerkonzept #1: Dr. Bein

Concept #2: Dr. Bein X-Mas Special

flash nicht verfügbar